MARCELLA DAVIS BURKS, Interior Design Specialist

IDS Professional & Fellow, Nationally CQRID Certified

NKBA Affiliated Educator Member for CPCC

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“Just finishing up working with Marcella on yet another home design update!  This is my 3rd home working with Marcella in 30+ years and I’m amazed once more at how fresh and new she has made everything look.  Such a pleasure to live in an environment that has been well  designed with such care and expertise.  It’s just so much fun!”  Marian G. – Charlotte, NC

“Thanks so much for your help. I LOVE it! I feel like the house looks great now. Tim doesn’t want to move. When my neighbor came over to look at the changes, she said it all … ‘It looks like grown-ups live here.’ I was trying to put into words the look I was going for. That’s it! No more kids rooms. I feel like a grown up again.” Pam T. – Charlotte NC

“Marcella has worked miracles in my homes since the mid-80’s, and I am always amazed and thrilled with the results. Her attention to detail paired with creativity and practicality result in beautiful, functional, and very livable rooms.”  Vicki M. – Charlotte NC